Retirement Plan Review and Consulting

We partner with a full service securities firm serving the investment needs of individuals, business owners, institutional investors and government agencies.

The advantages of this approach are:

No affiliation to a specific plan provider — As an independent financial advisory firm, we are able to choose the most suitable plan with the best provider. This gives us the flexibility to monitor and change the Provider or the Administrator if necessary.  We meet annually to review the plan to see if it is meeting your company’s goals.

Due Diligence — First we request proposals from our selection of providers to determine fees and service levels, and evaluate plans for the best investment options available. We do continuing due diligence on Mutual Funds offered to see if changes need to be made based on poor performance or fund management changes. Some of our providers are ING, MetLife, Prudential, American Funds, Fidelity Advisors and Allianz.

Advice and Education — Unlike most providers, we meet with key employees and give unbiased investment advice when choosing investment allocations. We make annual visits to your company to review and educate employees on their plan and investment options. We are available for consultation via phone whenever needed.

Experience — For almost four decades, our retirement advisory partners have been helping companies implement retirement plans that maximize return potential and employee participation, while minimizing costs.