Ask MAX About Employee Benefits

What do employee benefits make you think of?
A bewildering menu of plans? A profit-swallowing black hole?
A game where the insurers hold all of the cards?

We’d Like You To Think Bulldog.

You have to persevere to get the right plan at the right price in today’s dynamic market. We want to help our clients take a proactive and rigorous approach to today’s market trends so that they can; better control expenses, increase productivity, improve employee relations and enhance their total compensation package.

MAX Total Benefits Solutions (MAX) provides clients with comprehensive benefits brokerage and consulting services. Our goal is to partner with clients on a full disclosure basis, for the strategy, administration and execution of all employee benefit programs.

Our core strength is analysis, based on decades of experience as brokers, technicians and consumers. We start with an in-depth review of your plans, claims and utilization, and then prepare a strategy that supports corporate objectives and employee needs. It is clear and persuasive data that drives our negotiations with insurers, so that we can provide sound advice and help our clients make informed decisions.

Your choice of a benefits advisor makes a big difference to your plan’s performance and subsequent costs to your company. Employers need to feel confident that they are providing the best value to their employees. MAX can facilitate this process.

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